How to Deal with Crisis

Today, I posted this Instagram video by Dwayne »The Rock« Johnson on Facebook – and some of you asked me for my opinion and about the way I deal with the situation.

Here are some of my personal suggestions (in addition to Dwayne Johnson’s words):

  • Stay disciplined.
    It’s not the time to party now and maybe to travel either, if not absolutely necessary. (We will party and travel again, for sure.)
  • Boost your immune system.
    Go for an outdoor walk regularly.
    Eat well and healthy, avoid convenience food if possible (including McD. and else).
    Cook fresh (no matter if vegetarian, vegan or else).
    Sleep enough.
  • Exercise. 
    Exercise daily. No matter if running, biking, hiking, Yoga, meditation or gardening – it’s your choice.
    Motion keeps your spirit well balanced as well as the healing effects of nature do.
  • Commit to wellness.
    Listen to your body signals of tiredness and exhaustion.
    Take care of your inner balance and mental health. Because nearly everything seems slower, harder, more demanding these days.
  • Wear your mask. 
    Just wear it to protect others – and yourself.
    Try out which fabric fits best your needs, no matter if surgical, community, FFP2.
    (Absolutely no discussion at this point. Zero.)
  • Protect your family.
    With each point of the above including love, strength, smiles and good vibrations.
  • Be strict about having people over your house or gatherings.
    Try to restrict the number of people you meet.
    Focus on physical distance, which is not equivalent to social distance!
    Stay in touch with people who need you or maybe need conversation, nearness, advice, suggestions and contact.
    Skype, chat, Zoom is an appropriate alternative these days and can be very helpful!
  • Stay positive.
    Mind the way you act and talk, for everybody struggles with the situation in a very different way.
    Stay calm when confronted with aggression. 
    Be polite and helpful.
    Give a smile to someone in need of a smile. 
  • Don’t refer to doubtful news sources. 
    Use search engines to verify images, news, statements and links before you share them.
    Don’t spread false acclamations and fake news. 
    Trust in science. Yes, we can. Together.

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